2045, We are residents of "OZ" territory. residents of the " new emerald city " utopia that is gifted us by the wizards of technology world. this time not with fake green-tinted eye-glasses which reflect emeralds on our eyes, but with enormous revolution in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality which has wide range of influence on human existence. The sciences of neurology and artificial intelligence beside mixed reality technology (five sense VR/AR) reach the peak of flourishing and achieve to something BEYOND " imagination. Today in 2045, smart phones are extinct and replaced with VR/AR implants. All you want to see will shape in your brain and process, then it would demonstrate in your eyes. All you want to feel is induced in your body only by thinking about it. the feeling of smelling an apple or touching the skin of a perilous snake. Or everything you can think about it would emerge real. of course a virtual reality. According to what happened in our world everything is affected by this technologic revolution; urban and architecture are no exceptions. Unlike the past, we, as people, with different cultures and identities, had to live in a city or an apartment which is not designed according to our interests and personalities; now there is an exclusive design for every person who lives in this galaxy. A specific room, building or city which are the reflect of the culture, identity, emotions, demands and every needs of different habitants and it would generate by mental and personal informations of them. In every different latitude we can have a vast number of various designs without any conflict. These designs are timeless and can change every second with visitor's inside feelings. If you want a cottage in the middle of a jungle with wooden floor and bright fireplace and the smell of fresh coffee Or you want a luxury penthouse in the middle of Manhattan and every day you wake up with the smell of French perfumes ; it is not that hard , just think about it , it would happen.
In today's multicultural cities, this idea is a great step forward. The trend of population growth and the growing demand of construction would create cities with great vertical density which are extending widely without considering “context”. This issue in opposition with migration problems cause a multitude number of cultural and social conflict. With the “Beyond” method, city and building would response to any “Context”, so there is no faceless atmosphere.
through the development of this system the rate of construction decrease sharply and we can save lots of time because all these happening occur in the virtual world. In the field of construction our demands of material and energy sources reduce fast. While before this phenomenon, the construction was the reason of more than 40% of the environmental pollutions; so by eliminating a vast range of material production, transportation and construction the rate of pollutions decline widely. Therefor there is no need to destruct buildings to construct new ones and personalization occur just by thinking about the atmosphere you like. This system also is used to rebuild destroyed cities during wars and natural disasters.



Five sense VR/AR
Human existence

Mahtab Hajikarimian
Sedighe Hassani
Khashayar Mohammadi
Navid Ferasattalab
Mohammad Fathinia.