Kinetic art installation with big living red heart. The art-object is at intersection of kinetic and parametric architecture and dedicated to the highest feeling on the Earth - love.

The dynamic wall dance reveals, like a theatrical curtain, what is hidden in the emotions palette of love.
Love kindles hearts and stirs the blood. Flaming hearts are looking for self-expression, finding it in creativity, and, in particular, street art, which has gone a way from vandalism to art, from destruction to creation. Architecture is silent and ready to accept a sensual creative impulse. The wall becomes a canvas, and street art enters into a coordinated harmony with the architecture, complementing it, revealing it in a new way and enlivening it. The wall ceases to exist and begins to live. A huge red heart beats and fills with life.

How it works:
The installation is based on a technology by ARCHITIME design group that allows to animate a static wall. Thanks to this technology, an impressive wow effect is achieved - the wall begins to move in the dance and flies like a flag.
The technology consists in a dynamic change of the wall's plastic. The bricks are fixed at a precisely calculated angle on metal rods that rotate around their axis. During rotation an image appears on the wall.
Despite its large weight, the installation requires minimal energy consumption and can be used independently and power by solar energy sources or a wind generator.

Official hashtags: #architime_wall #dynamicwall



The dynamic part of the wall (rods+bricks) has a weight of 600 kg and it’s driven by an electric drive, comparable in power to the electric window lifter of an average car. The power consumption does not exceed the power consumption of a single led street light.

Authors: Grigory Malitskiy, Maria Malitskaya (international awarded architects, including Red Dot Award)
Artist: Alexey Kio.