1032 Foz Housing is a residential building with 19 apartments spread over 5 floors.
Located in Porto in Foz do Douro, it has an East / West orientation and is inserted in an urban area in consolidation next to the Atlantic Ocean.
The accesses are made from the West by Gondarém Street where also the social areas are located, directed to the ocean, the rooms are oriented to East.
The interior of the property is related to those of the neighboring buildings, through a transition of vegetation and shading elements in concrete and wood.
The proximity to the sea, influenced the choice of materials, which are natural and with expressive textures, contrasting with the delicate language in which we explored an image of light contours, the main material being anthracite colored concrete with a texture that extended to the wooden elements complemented by vegetation that integrates with the large trees existing on the street.
The design of the generous balconies directs the visual framework towards the Atlantic Ocean, also allowing for the large opening of the windows to extend the social area from the inside to the outside.
Gondarém Street contains mostly residential buildings with continuous facades and leafy trees. We adjusted the volume to that outlined by the adjoining buildings and created a rhythm of protrusions with the balconies and their flower boxes that enriches the street profile and breaks the monotony of the existing volumetry, the rhythm is evidenced by the movement through the street as well as by the different angles of lighting that the sun provides throughout the day, with moments of light and shadow reinforcing and unveiling its forms.



Architecture Firm: dEMM arquitectura
Website: www.demm.pt
E-Mail: [email protected]
Project Year: 2017
Completion Year: 2020
Photography: FG+SG | Architectural Photography
Built Area: 4048 sqm
Project Location: Rua de Gondarém 1032/1040, Porto – Portugal
Contractor: J. Camilo

Architect: Paulo Fernandes Silva
Collaborator: Diana Fernandes Silva | Isabela Almeida Neves | José Urzal Magalhães


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