The house of Zinat al-Mulk or Zinat al-Muluk is one of the remnants of the Qajar period, the construction of which began around 1290 AH by Ali Mohammad Khan Ghavam al-Mulk II and was completed in 1302 AH. The ceilings of most of the rooms of this house are made of wood, which is decorated with paintings of various images of animals, birds, flowers and plants.
Upon entering the historic mansion, you will see a carved wooden door that invites us to a garden of lush gardens with colorful flowers and plants. Passing through the lively gardens, we reach a pond full of water, which has doubled the atmosphere of the garden. The beautiful building of Zinat al-Mulk looks like a wooden facade in the middle of this garden with seven-color tiles and crescents. Upon entering the building, the glow of light will nail us to the spectacular mirrors of the mansion. The Shahneshin Hall, located in the western part of the building, is full of plaster with European paintings.
Today, the vast basement of the house is used as a gallery, where the sculptures of all the prominent personalities of Shiraz are exposed to the public.
This mansion, which is located one alley from Ghavam House and is connected to it by an underground passage, was in fact the inside of Ghavam House and the place where Muharram came and went. The entrance to the house is decorated with mosaics, and passing through the porch, a corridor with a northeast angle leads to the courtyard. In the courtyard, in addition to carved and latticed stone plinths, there are two beautiful gardens and large and small ponds. The seven-color crescent tile on the front of the building has a special beauty



Harvest project and suggest new uses for the collection
Zinat al-Muluk Ghavami House of Shiraz
Now: Museum of Fame
Problem: Lack of dynamism and vitality of the collection
New uses:
Live a day and night like Zinat al-Muluk: turning a house into a tourist complex
Convert Mirror Hall to Sound Showcase (Instrument)
Create living rooms
Revival of old arts (screen reading and storytelling)

Current status: All rooms are empty and without use
Only the basement of the museum of celebrities has been welcomed at all.

yasaman fallah
zahra mohammadi