Renaza Project is a mixed-use building with a 13.000 sqm construction area locating on the intersection of Turan Güneş Boulevard and Doğukent Street and consisting of 50 residences, 30 offices, 4 commercial units and 2 underground parking floors, which makes up 13 storeys in total. The multi-purpose usage represents itself by layering in different levels and differentiation within the whole. The levels on top of the commercial ground floor slides back from each direction as four different volumes and they shrink as the building rises up. The sharp slope of Dikmen valley on the west continues on the section in order for building to establish a relationship with its environment. The vertical and horizontal elements are covered with different tones of natural stone travertine in each volume. Toning starts with a dark tone in the double height first volume, on top of the ground floor, and lightens towards upper volumes. Facades gain rhythm with staging in each direction and the transition of tones.
The architecture of the building follows the classical architecture principles of changing heights of the levels and disintegration into autonomous pieces. Through the design of the facade, perception of depth is achieved in some layers; there exist exterior frames that define each volume, behind, vertical elements in varying widths that are covered with same colored travertine, at the back of them, fume colored walls and finally glass facade with fume colored mullions. This rhythm continues in each volume with their own color and material as they slide back. By this way, while a single building is perceived in the city scale, five different layers in each volume give a sophisticated character to the facade. The layers that penetrate into each other add visual movement, rhythm and depth to the facade.
The building also identifies with modern architecture with its simplicity, volume movements and layering. Balconies and terraces on each level allow for green to penetrate upper floors.
There are separate entrances in the building for residences, offices and commercial areas. With incorporable character of spaces, flexibility is achieved in office floors.
With its volume movements, layering on facades, varying warm colors, natural stone travertine claddings and multipurpose use, the building aims to offer a sophisticated architecture to its users and context, and intents to be both new and timeless at the same time as if it has been existing there for years.



Land Area: 3.274 sqm
Construction Area: 13.000 sqm
50 residences, 30 offices, 4 commercial units, 2 underground parking floors

Kerem Yazgan
Begüm Yazgan
Evrim Güven


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