The Hakora project was established to create a cultural building that serves all layers of locals aims to raise the Jordanian financial income through encouraging olive farming, introducing Jift as a new construction material, marketing the olive industry due to the economic situation that threatens the country, and to reduce the urban desertification.

As it is located in Tal Irbid with an area of 4500m2 the project will be built with olive Jift using 3D printing with an estimated time period of 6 months starting from 2021. This project has many outcomes on different aspects, firstly economically, since it is considered a cost-effective project, as all it needs is Jift and a 3D printer as well as creating new job opportunities hand in hand with creating a new market for the Jift industry.

Secondly, its environmentally friendly because it is made up of organic material (Jift) and strengthens the concept of reusing. In addition to that, it may, indirectly, solve land desertification by encouraging olive trees planting and the use of Jift instead of cement

Thirdly, the main symbol of this project, olive trees has a religious and cultural aspect, which enhances the national identity and belonging of the place. in addition to marketing, Irbid city to become a 3D hub center for the world.
With the aid of Hakora project, we can announce with confidence, the building industry will be more willing to break the concrete addiction. World welcome to our eco-friendly project.

To promote urbanism, innovative industries within a new well-developed market must be created. This revives the economy and in return leads to better living conditions and more leisure to the community, keeping in mind maintaining the identity and values of the community " Ibn Khaldoun "

A new sustainable building material (Jift) will be used instead of cement due to its efficient characteristics and bringing back ornaments to architecture through 3D printing technology since the art of ornaments disappeared after the industrial revolution as it took much time, effort, and money.
Using accurate and fast 3d printers the art of ornaments can be revived with little cost.



Project Function: Cultural innovation center
Project Location: Tal Irbid, Irbid, Jordan
Area: 4500 m2

Anas Idrees Alkofahi