Zarqa River, also known as Seil Al-Zarqa, is the second largest tributary of the Jordan River after the Yarmouk River, and is the third largest river in the region in terms of annual discharge. The length of Seil that starts from Ras Al-Ain in Amman and ends in King Talal Dam is about 73km. Zarqa river basin occupied by the most densely populated area in Jordan which is comprises around 68% of the country's population and more than 78% of its industries.

In the past three decades, the Zarqa River has been heavily attacked by some factories, and its pure water has been turned into wastewater, in addition to the presence of a large number of wastewater discharges that flow into it without serious control from successive governments. Its water has become a fertile environment for insects, microbes, and rodents, all of which are caused by sewage that mixes with river’s water until it became not valid for use.

Al-Seil, which was a destination for many hikers, people are now fleeing away from the unpleasant odours emitted from it because of pollution. Seil Al-Zarqa is begging for help, due to the passage of many sewer lines coming from some areas of Amman, Rusaifa and Zarqa in the middle of its course and its continuous flooding, and although the problem of Seil Al-Zarqa is a modern old but it is still not a radical solution, the problem is general, very critical and does not belong to Zarqa just itself.

A project that supplies the community with fresh water is only a temporary solution, the first step to a long-term solution is through educating the community. A generation that is responsible to the importance of water for the future of our well-being, to be able to reflect positively on their own communities; Environmental Research Center is a place that works together with the local schools and young students, aiming to educate them about the importance of the environment in general, A project that also educates about the importance of water and the techniques of water collection and purification.

As a result, having an environmental awareness project were people get to play an important role in the preservation and protection of the environment and water in Jordan; Environmental Research Center was well-thought conclusion to an educational, entertaining and conservational project designed to be an internationally-recognized facility specializing in environmental activities and research intended to benefit Jordan and its unique water resources. A dedicated center for the study and conservation of environment in Jordan, by having a balanced connection between users and the environment that focuses on solving the main problem by reviving Seil Al-Zarqa.

Reviving the Seil by the biological treatment, and by the locals themselves, a long-term solution to bring life to the area. To tell the story of the "Seil Al-Zarqa" through the families and the people who live around it, learn about the river's memories and history, taking us on its journey between different parts of Jordan and implementing hope for a better future.

The project uses its architecture as a purification system by creating a parallel scenario between the water purification process and community awareness method to help purifying both the river's water and the river's community themselves. how each purification stage reflected as an architecture space that helps the user to get in touch emotionally and psychologically with the rive that is being purified, in which the architecture and the system it adapted reflect the same experience for both water and community.



Project Function: Environmental Research Center
Project Site Location: Zarqa, Jordan
Project coordinates: 32.147308, 36.053527

Mohammad Al-Qubbaj


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