___Project Brief:

This interior architecture project could be described as an adaptive re-use project. Main notion is to design a tradional Turkish restaurant in a historical building located in Altamura, Italy.

___About The Building:

It is from a period of masonry construction and it is out of limestone. The building has three storeys, however, in this project we were responsible from the first story only. There are double-leaf masonry walls of limestone blocks with a rubble infill, vaulted ceiling and pitched roof. The building also served for many functions such as:

- Cluster of small houses owned by a lay brotherhood
- Built a church, embedded in the urban block, andstarted to host unmarried women in 1610.Then grew
with household bequests.
- Starting from 1600 the whole complex became a music school.

___Name of The Restaurant:

The name of the restaurant is "Zeytini" which is a mixture of both Turkish and Italian grammer. "Zeytin" means olive in Turkish.

___Concept of The Restaurant:

This restaurant serves Aegen Region dishes from Turkey. Some features of the food of the Aegen Region are:

+ Use of olive oil and various types of herbs, flavours and vegetables.
+ Culture of “Zeytinyağlı” (olive oil based) foods.
+ Similar to the Traditional Italian Cuisine.
+ Healthy and Light Food Pattern.

___Additional Functions:

+ Oil Tasting: Different types of olive oil shipped from Aegen Region with Altamura’s special bread: Pane di Altamura.
+ Olive Soap: Home-made style soap making workshop with small lectures.
+ Open Mic Nights & Live Music


Aim of this restaurant is to serve as an meeting point, in Altamura, where people can socialize, regarding the Covid-19 precautions, and have a memorable dining experinece.



+ In terms of form, the seed of an olive fruit is taken as an inspiration.

+ The ellipse-shape bar is located in the middle of the dining area.

+ There is a structural form, which gives a reference to fluidity of oil, expandig inside of the bar and continuing on the ceiling.

+ For this project, selected materials are:
- Green Marble
- Velvelt Cushion
- White Marble
- Brass Tubular Elements
- Oak Flooring

+ Original material of the historical building is limestone. Original material maintained as it is at some parts of the wall.

Designed by Görkay Düzgün
Instructors: Necmiye Şule Aybar, Deniz Avcı Hosanlı

Traditional Turkish Restaurant In Altamura, Italy by Görkay Düzgün in Italy won the WA Award Cycle 38. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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