Nature Discovery Center

The project is Located in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Especially that Wadi Rum is one of the most important tourist attractions in Jordan; As it known for its dramatic, iconic desert landscapes and clear skies, and as world natural heritage, while nature is the phenomena of the physical world collectivity, including plants, animals, sky, the landscape and other features. Each natural element in this environment has different impact and it has it’s own identity.
So the project will give us the chance to have journey through the architecture to enjoy the natural elements and to let the environment be what we are celebrating and to guides us to live experience, stories and to get involve with natural elements through the architectural elements , and to let us see what hasn’t been seen before through this architecture.

The Project is a Gate Way To Wadi Rum, as a Nature Education Center and a research center that train and teach the youth to coexist with the desert environment and become involved with it; to provide unbiased environmental educational outreach community in order to enhance environmental knowledge and develop responsible stewardship of natural resources and teach them the importance of our desert ecosystem.

This project will be blended with the nature and the atmosphere of wadi rum, so it won't affect the area atmosphere, it will be built within rocks. When visitors reach the project they will integrate with the site, so they will reconnect with site and the nature with inclined platform; to share the beauty of nature.



Location: Wadi Rum Dessert, Jordan

1- Gallery
2- Education Center
3- Research Center
4- Hostels
5- Café
6- Viewing Plat Forms

Project Video

Hiba Naem Abu-Libbeh
Supervised by: Dr. Hadeer Merza