"Spacecrafts are not just a means of carrier vehicles in space. In the near future, they could become cities, growing endlessly and even become the Noah's Ark that will usher in a new civilization of human beings." - Liu Haowei

Crystal Space City is the new work designed by Liu Haowei as the first creative person in the global branding activity,Making A New World, with the concept inspired in the cooperation with LEGO China.

LEGO Toys originated in Denmark and was founded in 1932. With 88 years of development history, LEGO has become the first and most valuable assembled toy brand in the world in our recognition.Adults can find almost everything they love in the world of LEGO Toys, not just children.By partnering with super IP,LEGO has become a product that covers everything from movies and TV shows to technology, cities, buildings and characters. Seemingly ordinary LEGO bricks can collide infinite possibilities in the construction.

Liu Haowei believes that LEGO Toys themselves contain the architectural concept. They are composed of small cube modules, which can constitute a building, a city or even a planet. This process is like the cell growth and reproduction, gradually growing into a living body, forming groups...The Crystal Space City is shaped as a brand new future city based on the original LEGO toy spaceship concept and using the principle of the crystal growth.

Exploring the space is always a hot and cutting-edge topic at present.The success of launching and returning with lunar soil of China's chang'e-5 in 2020 are of meaningful milestone for bringing human beings to a new 'Earth' or even the deep space. Only by sending spacecraft into the outer space, space technology made it possible to explore, develop and utilize celestial bodies in space and beyond the earth. Each new discovery and advance in space research is constantly renewing our view of the world. Design for Tomorrow is the Design principle that Liu Haowei and CAA Architects have been following, and they have been constantly planning and practicing the Design of future cities and living Spaces in the process of urban development. This is consistent with the LEGO Group's philosophy of Enlightening and Nurturing the Builders of the Future.

Crystal Space City is a city that grows out of the universe. Its initial core device is a spacecraft at the bottom, and its top is a crystal seed implanted with a tiny urban data module under the artificial gravitational field controlled by AI. Through artificial intelligence, the seed is endowed with a data sequence, gradually reproducing and growing infinitely, and finally becomes a huge future space city. Spacecraft is an important carrier of the whole space city,which realizes the energy supply and also provides power at the same time. It takes the space city to fly to the universe, so that people can stay on the moon, Mars, the Milky Way and even more distant space.

Einstein's equation E= MC2 illustrates the inextricable link between mass and energy.This super energy crystal is controlled and adjusted by AI in the vast universe. It uses the strong gravitational accretion to capture the surrounding material energy for its own use. It completes the matrix material growth in the predetermined trajectory, realizes the transformation from energy to matter,and finally forms an ideal world.

Crystal Space City is a city constructed by modules and organically combines the city with the oasis and an energy power system.In its expanding ecosystem, it recycles all kinds of emissions and turns them into renewable resources.Through the adaptive independent recycling system, it can escape from the limited living environment and fly to the space or even any corner of the universe. It is a new Noah's Ark that can carry infinite vitality and hope.

When the physical world superimposes with the virtual space, when the reinforced concrete city grows into the organic life body, when human beings truly break through the three-dimensional space and enter the multi-dimensional universe...Crystal Space City could pave the way for an ideal habitat for human beings in the near future. It is a mixture of lives that can move freely through the universe and usher in a new urban civilization.



Science Consultant: Lean Camel
Filming Partner: LEGO China
Visual Consultant : FANCY

Designer: CAA architects
Host Architect: Liu Haowei
Design Team: Ye Wenjie, Joseph Kahaya