With the dynamism of children, the concept comes from a movement which connecting the entire outer and inner space, above and below, to create the harmony between the building and the landscape of the central lake. Open spaces, green spaces, and water surface are meant to create creative stimulation.
The rooftop garden combines outdoor living spaces to stimulate practical experience, accountability and is a space to exchange and share experiences and achievements of children across the city.

The original concept is using primitive, cubic shape which can stimulate the imgination of space and nature. Along with that are soft curves which blend into the land in order to boost the creativity and imagination of users (mainly teenagers and children when moving across different spaces of the building). The empty spaces and solid masses are brought into the building in harmonious proportions to create solid contrast and definitive strong spatial and volume designs.

The symbolic soft transforming solid facade is harmoniously arranged in the construction and shows the strong shape of the building.
The empty façades which follow the open space are arranged and linked harmoniously with the space in simple and modern architectural languages.

Color: The building serves mainly for children. However, it is also a symbol of Thu Thiem peninsula. Therefore, it is not necessary to have too many colors but have to ensure that color and visual are in harmony with the master plan.

About lighting: The application of night lighting ensures the prominence of the shape and has purpose of increasing the cube factor and symbolism of the building. Perspectives to the building include views from the central lake from Thu Thiem Square and views from Mai Chi Tho Avenue and Nguyen Co Thach Street



Land area: 39,877 m2
Roof covered area: 7,650 m2
Construction density: 19.18%
Maximum height: 28m
Total construction area: 33,601m2

1. Nguyen Trung Kien
2. Vo Thanh Nhan
3. Hoang Van Tuong
4. Nguyen Van Tuan


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