3D prototyping Café- Robotic Nutrition VR Systems
- this is the best balanced diet - fast food of the future.
The shell of the cafe of the original streamlined shape can be printed on a 3D printer made of composite material in the right place, this will reliably protect visitors, robots and electrical equipment.
Customer service will be provided by robots. A consumer entering a cafe orders food through robots, where the order is paid. Food is printed on a 3D printer. Then the robot takes out the finished dish and passes it to the waiter's robot. Waiter robots deliver orders. A man puts on a virtual reality helmet and takes food. In a virtual environment, dishes prepared on a 3D printer will have a fantastic design - more colorful and larger, which will actually help to nourish the body in small portions.
Cafe RNVR Systems will allow the consumer to get an affordable meal with elements of entertainment, balance the nutrition of a person depending on his needs and individual characteristics of the body, to solve the problem of food shortages for the population. Food resources will be spent very economically, without waste and with benefit. Such a nutrition system will contribute to the health of the population. Lack of overeating will have a beneficial effect on people's health. People will be slim, healthy and beautiful. The brain will be saturated with a colorful feast in virtual reality.The Cafe project contains a large number of innovative technologies from 3 d printing designs and equipment to 3 d printing food. The shell design of the cafe was specially designed so that it was easy to print on a 3-d printer. Virtual reality technology will play a key role in this project. It is understood that special software for this project and a special VR application will be created. Virtual reality in the cafe will allow people to take a fresh look at food. In a virtual environment, dishes prepared on a 3 d printer will have a fantastic design - more colorful and larger, which will help to saturate the body with smaller portions in reality.The design of the cafe is futuristic, adapted to innovative technologies, functional, without unnecessary decorations. The design is intriguing and makes it clear that the most interesting is hidden from the eyes and is in the virtual world. In virtual reality, a person thinks that he eats a large amount of delicious colorful food and the brain is saturated. Food changes take place instantly in VR. Table setting may also vary: style, color, design. Lunch turns into amazing entertainment. In addition, the cafe can be considered as a place of communication with the help of innovative technologies.



Division into zones:
1. Guest room for 24 people, 8 tables equipped with VR helmets, Vr - appliances, spoon, fork, knife, plate, glass, all individually + VR vest.
At each table for 3 people.
2. Robo-kitchen area: food 3 d, printers
3. Warehouse area
4. Refrigerator area
5. Disinfection area
The food of the future becomes affordable and quickly cooked. High productivity, protection against bacteria and microorganisms, a high degree of purity and is achieved through the use of robots in cooking.

Svetlana Starygina

3D prototyping Café - Robotic Nutrition VR Systems by SVETLANA STARYGINA in Austria won the WA Award Cycle 33. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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