Education is an essential tool of empowerment, and it is important especially for young people. Refugees' youth needs a better quality of education and safe place to learn where it will help the refugee children be prepared for the future and recover from their cruel past.

The proposed model relies on creating a refugees' art and craft healing center, which tries to increase the refugees engagement with the community. The center focuses on enhancing the learning techniques in training the young women and men who are about to be implied in these technical field which is classified into:
- Heavy crafts such as: carpentry, cooking & baking, and graphic arts.
- Light crafts which includes drafting, arts ,and sewing.
The center's main role will be training young refugees' on these skills and give them the opportunity to display and promote the products to the community which will help in providing a good income source for them.

Project Objectives:
- Enhance the learning techniques.
-Provide different craft skills.
-Help in exporting their products and have their own income.
-Ease of mobility in the building to benefit more refugees in different camps.

The school is focusing on four main keywords;
- Flexibility in circulation and planning for more effectiveness for future changes.
- Openness in terms of indoor and outdoor areas where the outdoor areas provide effective interactive spaces.
- Comprehensive (Multi Functional) spaces including workshops, lecture halls, classrooms, library.
- Affordability which must be considered in order to achieve sustainable economic approach.



To achieve the flexibility and affordability of the project;
-The model is designed with container units that will be used as a mobile structure which helps in solving the problem of the high costs needed for camps infrastructure by having the capacity to be used to serve refugees in different camps.

-For ventilation, the containers are used as a unit and a half unit that is glazed to have natural ventilation and light source.

-Concrete Canvas is used in cladding along with the corrugated steel panels of the containers.

Designed By: Shahd Mogari.
Supervised By: Prof. Mohamed Fekry.

Effat University. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


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