An amazing effect is the sudden landscaping of Manhattan on New Year's Eve ...

Details in the video:

The conceptual art project is part of the Yolok Gallery from c.i.h.

In this gallery, at the moment, there are: 19 art trees, including: a Christmas tree-inverted pyramid, a Christmas tree - the III International, a fractal Christmas tree, a Christmas tree, as an ejection from the surface of the Moon, an intergalactic Christmas tree, a Christmas tree-dirigible, a Christmas tree-underground airport, 4D Christmas tree, Christmas tree walking on water and an underwater Christmas tree, iceberg tree and Christmas tree of different centuries.

Gallery content is specifically targeted at an architectural audience.

This year, the Christmas tree project was implemented on the basis of a special night-time 3D model of the Manhattan Island with development. The model was created by our studio and displays buildings on the island, including most of the projects implemented until 2023.

- Details in the Yolok Gallery: