“Strong women is not a destination it’s a journey”
The project is not just a refuge for abused women, it represents the journey of a woman’s rise and the process of moving a woman from a fearful woman to a strong woman who makes her decision on her own.
The project is a shelter that women escaped to from the violence of society and the family. The concept of the project is to have solutions to the problems of abused women in Amman, women of all nationalities and religions, by providing a comfortable environment where women feel safe from the outside world where they have been subjected to violence and attacks.
It’s not a hostel and a contrabandist, it’s a place that rehabilitates the affected women and bring them to the community strong and able to endure the difficulties of life. The building is not a place to stay temporarily but is a place for women to feel safe and also there are places of entertainment and educational and awareness of them. In order for women to feel productive and reliable.
Her Shelter is a places to empower women and support them to overcome the experience of violence to turn from victims to survivors who are able to re-exercise their lives the way they choose without the constant sense of shame or self-blame.
The distribution of project functions according to the forces of the site and the surroundings
protect the center , that present the heart of the project
The adjacent shape: entering the building and moving in the outer spaces from and to the heart of the project and the places where the pedestrian corridors meet The figure
also represents the green surfaces and the water bodies which give the elements of meditation In addition to the empty spaces that are suitable for practicing different activities.
The entrance is directed from the east side of the project from the side street to the site, to be inaccessible It is received by an entrance from a water pool and a corridor with a double ceiling to give women safety and containment as she feels the element of water around
Exits from the emergency area, the woman will go to a place she feels at home and more comfortable, and what will be separated by an open corridor from two sides with a high ceiling to continue to climb up to the next station .
After feeling comfortable in the intimate place and settling in the housing units, going to the long side stairs up to the bridge to link between the life of comfort and the life of production and creativity, a transparent bridge on one side and a solid empty side in a thin way to enter the light light from the south side .






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