Water Security and Scarcity
There are four basic risk groups that must be kept in balance to ensure water security. Among these risk groups, water shortage has become the main problem of many countries today. Meteorological changes, one of the main causes of drought, are also the main problem of Izmir today and it faces the meteorological consequences of drought. As a result of all this, the agricultural drought awaits us.

Regenerating Nature and Building the Future

Approximately 875,000 liters of water evaporate every day in the Balçova Dam, and not all of this vapor can be recovered with changing climatic conditions. Meteorological drought may not be the end for Izmir. It can evaluate the water lost by evaporation by adding it back to a cycle. In this place, people can become decision-makers by making their voices heard for water losses and recovery, and alternative food production scenarios can be developed in this place to drought conditions.

Balçova Dam; It has three stream branches; Ilıca, Koma and Yarıklıpınar. The existence of the dam threatens the existence of these streams and dries the streams. It is also located in the heart of the dam therapy forest.

For activist manifestos; workshops, exhibition, social areas, observatories, conferance hall are designed; biodome, inner garden, agricultural lab plant care unit, agricultural support unit, backyard garden; research lab, bio lab, water management, vapor control, technology supply lab, control lab are designed. Foyer, backstage, activity spaces, wet spaces mechanical and electrical rooms are designed as a sub-spaces.


The project can make people realize there's a great danger in the future, waiting for them. The citizens of İzmir will declare their rights on water to take right steps into the future to protect their water sources. The project will be the symbol to people to be aware of the danger, take action to prevent it and will be ready to provide their water when they need it in the bitter future.



Site Location: Balçova Dam, Balçova/İZMİR (Turkey)
Area: 12000 meter squares.
Steel studs and reinforced concrete will be used as a structural solution.



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