This interior architecture project could be described as an adaptive re-use project. Main notion is to design a youth interaction center where leisure time activities are provided for “young” and “young at heart” people to be creative. The cultural center activities will include;

* Spoken Word
* Literature

Significant topics such as accessibility and sustainability played a key role for this project. Therefore, wheelchair turning raidus and universal design principles are taken into consideration while designing the interior of the building and material selections are made according to products that are eco-friendly.

_____ Location:

The train station and Aleaddin Park are located very close to the area. The neighborhood can be described as a typical urban residential settlement. Exterior surrounding is also expected to be designed according to the concept of the project, including a parking lot and without harming existing trees/plants.

_____ History of Tantavi Warehouse:

The building has been designed, built and used as a warehouse close to the station, starting from 1903, owned by two merchants. Also, it used to have an linear circulation path, including 3 rooms on each side of the path.

_____ Program:

Youth Interaction Center, which provides activities and organizes events related to Spoken Word and Literature, including conference hall, cafe, workshop area, and exhibition area as well as wet spaces (toilets, mechanical room), administration room, mediatheque, instructor and personnel room.

_____ Manifesto:

Aim of this building is to serve as an meeting point, in Meram, where people can interact, create and share. Throughout the design, flexible areas were offered as much as possible, enabling people to adjust the spaces both for themselves and for the organized events.

_____ Scenario:

Each month, there will be workshop series related to literature, poetry and collage. These activities will be collaborated with each other as shown in the diagram: (pafta no.5)

Poetry Workshop >> People who participate poetry writing workshops will write a poem. After that their poems will be distributed to people who participate collage workshop.

Collage Workshop >> People who participate collage workshops will read and analyze the poems. They will make a collage related to the poem that they analyzed.

Exhibiton >> At the end of every month there will be an exhibiton of this collaborative work.



Location: Tantavi Warehouse, Meram/KONYA (Turkey)
Area: 6200 meter squares. Around 2,500 meter squares of this area towards the east direction is designated as a park area.
Steel studs and reinforce concrete will be used for the structure.

Görkay Düzgün