Located in its flag-ship, corporate building Cyberone, the Greenscape Developers office has scored a first on many counts. This was a chance to create a space that would be in-sync with their brand identity. Being real estate developers, their office would reflect their ethos, and the quality of spaces that they created vis-à-vis their buildings.
The plan was structured along the movement of the guest to the office. Clear demarcations between the public, semi-public and private spaces became central to the design.
The public spaces were crafted using distinct elements like random cut travertine marble flooring; a layered veneer paneling & a geometric fretwork jali define the boundary to the semi-public area. Three hidden doors leading to three different parts of office form the access hereon. One camouflaged door which is off-limits for guests is the work area for the office team. The second door leads to the conference room. The third door leads to the private reception for the CEOs. As one moved into the semi–private spaces the décor gets muted down. The flooring changes to a soft customized carpet and the wall cladding to a tiger onyx in the private reception area. A café for the guests; a personalized waiting room, an informal meeting room & the three main cabins. The three main cabins largely reflect the role and personality of the individual users.
For the interiors of its office, as designers, we had tried to incorporate the character of this family-run business. Largely stream-lined by two generations working in tandem – individual approaches have been highlighted & seamlessly integrated to create a unified whole. The company philosophy & art have been used to interplay the corporate image.
The ‘man-machine’ sculpture at the entrance. ‘The recurring womb’ in the MD’s Cabin; the teacher in the Senior MD’s cabin; the ‘Taking flight’ in the junior MDs cabin; the ‘divine power’ and the guiding ‘Banyan’ all visually reiterate the concepts and integrity of the company they exemplify.
Looking to the future while rooted in traditional Indian beginnings, Greenscape Developers is deeply involved in the construction & realty industry in and around India. With every project, it has re-invented itself; growing, evolving, redefining & setting new milestones.



Office area | 6500 sq ft
The entire office was made on site. This is a classic example of customised, high-end office interiors using marble, veneers and natural seasoned wood.

Kavita Parwani Talib, Soyuz Talib


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