"Remembering the past"

The site is located above the Roman Theater and has a great view overlooking Jabal Al Qalaa, and has historical, scientific values.

The design will be a space that will overlook the old historical sites that surround my projects. As a witness to all of the events that have happened in the past from this point of view.

Sharing the stories of Amman during the exhibitions, creating workshops and let people know what had happened in this area.

o Story of (Amman River , Jabal AIQala'a , people of Amman , Amman Massing).
o Beit alSha'r is Al-Joufeh Lighthouse.
o The Views reflect the history of Amman.
o The veins of Amman underground.

To take the visitor on a journey through time to reflect on the history and culture of Amman, located behind the roman theater which represents one of the oldest historical places giving us a deeper dive into the heritage of Amman looking behind the wall.

The purpose:
o Creating job opportunities for the society.
o Providing public services.
o Raising awareness about tourism.
o Use Decorative brick,commonly used in Jabal Al Joefuh buildings, production of a shape by void of the concrete.

The problem:

o There is a lack of media attention in the area (Jabal al Joufeh).
o The community is not aware about the sites' historical & cultural value.
o Heritage is only intended for tourists in Jordan, so we need to include the local community.
o Absence of green spaces and open play areas, most houses are in poor condition and need renovation and repair.



Location: Jabal Al Joefuh, Amman, Jordan.

1. Entrance from the cave.
2. Marketplace, library, cafe and restaurant .
3. Exhibition and Workshops.
4. Observation spaces, landscape.

Built Area :4350 m2

Designed by: Laila Al Azzawi
Supervisor by: Arch: yasmine soudi


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