Pella is rich in history, nature and drama. A place which has something for everyone’s interests. Visitors will start building a story through discovery and experience fascinating glimpses of many of Jordan's key historical periods. The main purpose of the project is to present development in the historical and natural identity of Tabaqet Fahil (Pella) and to identify the historical timeline of the place.

Pella unknown for many people in Jordan and they don't recognize how important it is, beside there is lack of awareness about the historical places in Jordan. Moreover, some archeological sites unreachable and others are hard to reach so there is inconspicuous path or circulation for the visitor.

- This project will have several advantages for touristic, economic and agriculture sectors in the village; this will provide income to the families who live there especially the women who can’t find a job there.
- Opportunity to develop a critical place rich in historical archaeology.
- Attracting tourists and visitors beside encouraging tourism in Pella historic site.

Enhances the experience of Pella and Filling the gaps between the present and past by designing a new a live museum and a path that will actively guide the visitor to the site and using their imagination to re-built this city.
The project is related to an important aspect of what history of Pella is about, namely identifying, unveiling and transforming a site, to fit with what is already there. Revealing & celebration the history , stories , artifacts and its specificity. Therefore, visitors can walk through the path where they are visually stimulated and conceive the conditions for its experiencing.

Each station in the project has a story, starting from the visitor center then the museum (main building) where it tells the overall story of Pella and divides the site into three main locations, the main mound (Canaanites first settlement) then to Wadi Jirm (spring) finally to Al Husn mound the highest mound where the visitor will see all the archeological site and start building all the stories together.



Project Location: Tabaket Fahil, Jordan valley, Jordan
1) Museum (rest house, exhibitions and workshops)
2) Main mound (Holy Pavilion, Bridge, Rest area and viewpoint)
3) Wadi Jirm ( Between the mounds Pavilion , rest area and teleferik )
4) Al Husn Mound (viewpoints, Fort Pavilion and teleferik )

Materials: The materials chosen are light structure, since the site is sensitive.

Sarah Haddad
Supervised by: Yasmine Soudi


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