"Restoring Independence, Revitalizing Lives ."

An Elderly Oasis that includes a variety of different units of residential housing, designed to change the perception of elderly homes in Jordan.
This Residential Oasis Focuses on the needs and desires that the elders might need such as :
A Meditation Center, Clinics, SPA, Community center, Gardening Parks.
The main issue is that the relatives of elder families, can not take care of them any longer either due to their other priorities, or their lack of time. Seniors may have health and emotional problems that urgently need the care, control, and constant supervision of professionals.

To change the perception of elderly homes in Jordan, by obtaining what they desire, to personalize heir bucket-list effortlessly.
To push out most functions, that builds a strong connection between inhabitants and their exterior. The translation of the senior lifestyle into architectural elements that are gathered to design a unit: where the walls represent the elder's independence, the living room that overlooks the sunrise, the kitchen represents the aroma of the unit, and the bedrooms platform overlooks the red sea that represents the restness and the calmness that the elder needs by the end of the day. Gathering these units will formulate the senior's neighborhood which overlooks the: "shore's lookout" of the red sea and by that, an oasis is formulated.
The Oasis is located in Aqaba, Jordan, which Is a city most known for its huge rock mountains along with its deep red sea. Benefiting from those two strong site forces and looking at the oasis' location (in between the sea and the mountain ) I have made the oasis to be a means of linking the sea to the mountain behind it rather than it be a disconnecting factor. The difference in the slope played a huge part in achieving that, to reduce the slope and make the oasis comfortable for its users, the projects orientation and main axes became horizontal instead of vertical, then, free-standing walls were added between housing units and they acted as a strong base to carry out, the project in addition to being perceived as the base of the mountain looking at it from the west due to them giving a continuous strong wall look.



Using AutoCad for 2D, Revit for 3D visuals, and Rendered in Enscape.
Project Location: Aqaba, Jordan
Project Area: 50,4697
Project Function: Relaxing and calming Elderly Neighborhood with multi-functional facilities .

Raneem Hammad
supervised by: Architect Raid Essoh


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