"Fair wind" sailing club
The project takes it’s name after the famous phrase, which is used for wishing a luck to sail-men.

Category: yacht club
Location: Stroginskaya floodplain, Moscow River

Problem: Even though natural conditions allow the development of water sports on the bay, the territory hasn’t been architecturally made up yet. The creation of a recreation area on the site could make this place a new point of attraction for urban residents, which would be especially relevant on the summer days.

Specific: Often yacht clubs function as garages or restaurants, and don’t imply any other activities. While the submitted project includes the organization of club action. It is represented by the rental of sailing equipment for entertainment and sports, as well as the presence of a school where one can learn the art of managing water vessels. Also inside the club, there is a workshop where amateurs can assemble yachts. The position of the building allows direct launching of models.

Thesis: Architecture should develop not only in space, but also in time. The proposed concept of a yacht club represents a model of a building participating in the development of action.

The concept of water scene: The amphitheatre reaches the level of the water edge, thus, the water surface is perceived as a scene. Space is divided into two connected halves: closedwarm and opencold. There is a separate scene in the warm segment, which allows the use of parts independently. The water scene is intended for presentation of boat models made in the workshop. The platform can also be used for competitions. From the open-air part of the amphitheatre, you can watch the races.

Inspiration: The image is inspired by a seashell.
By analogy with it’s natural prototype, the club's form is based on the idea of ​​inner emptiness. The shape origins not from the volume development, but the line. The movement goes in a spiral, the cover unfolds as the person moves inside the building.



Area: 580 sqm

Anastasia Vidovich