Powerleader·Science and Technology City Project in Leshan consists of three plots (A, B, and C). Plots A and B on the north side are designed to function as integrated and service-oriented digital economy platforms-A highlights the theme of the project by gathering technology-based financial centers, 5G Technology Town and e-commerce businesses; B is occupied by streets featuring folk culture, areas that display digital cultural and creative products, and an exhibition hall showcasing future technologies. The plot C on the south will be built into a digital economy platform prioritizing resources, basics and technical elements, in which an AI center, a data center and an operation center are planned.

The landscape axis runs through three plots and connects five digital economy platforms, which make up the whole industrial chain of digital economy. This will be the focus of the project layout. Science and technology platforms, cultural facilities and ecological environment are well organized in the site, where digital economy businesses, innovation ecology of city-industry integration and leisure parks can be found.

The planning structure of an industrial park refers to the spatial organization of building groups, roads, landscape, and other types of community infrastructure. Generally, the layout can be centralized, linear, decentralized, and clustering. The plot C is organized by a network structure so that buildings can be planned in a decentralized and flexible manner, while some of its areas adopt centralized and linear layout.

The structure of building groups, which is an integral part of the overall planning of an industrial park, describes how single buildings are connected and grouped in blocks. This is closely related to the function of each building. The residential areas in the plot C form a circle around a courtyard, thus creating a complete and intimate space internally and facilitating corporate communication and cooperation. By contrast, the plot B is dominated by flexibly arranged blocks, and more commercial space is planned along the streets. These detached buildings will be welcomed by medium-sized and large enterprises.

Situated where the Dadu River and the Qingyi River meet, the Future High-tech Park is adjacent to the Riverside Leisure Corridor on the south bank of the Dadu River. There is also a municipal park to be built nearby, as well as the Longhu Wetland Park. Hence, the project boasts abundant water landscape resources.

Existing green spaces and water resources are integrated to form a water system inside the park, which is also surrounded by a landscape zone and ecological lounge. Wetland and sunken greenbelt are designed for rainwater regulation and storage, and an ecological corridor is built as a space for leisure activities.



Site area (m²):254261.80
Total constructionarea(m²): 809355.83
Building area (m²): 600000
——Publicbuildingarea(m²): 597450
——City exhibition(m²):5000.00
——Officefor small-mediumsize company(m²):31104.05
——Entreprenure incubator(m²):30592.46
——Headquarteroffice(m²): 53178.78
——Indicator Center(m²):50000.00
Plot ratio:2.36

ZHOYU·IN, Xu Haifeng, Cheng Yu, Deng Zeqing


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