Refurbishment of an hospital building into an apartment residential building, located in the center of the Eixample district in Barcelona, an area full of architecturally diverse buildings. The number 41 in Ausias March dates from 1895. The apartments’ sizes are between 64 square meters and 232 square meters, and they allocate 1 to 3 bedrooms. The building has a great display of communal areas on offer, ranging from a spa and a gym to a Mediterranean restaurant on the ground floor.

The concept celebrates the aesthetics traditionally seen in the interior design of the flats of the Eixample district. The interior design preserves and restores traditional architectural elements such as the Catalan volts in the ceilings and hydraulic tiles on floors, as well as opening up the spaces to make the most of the brightness and the pleasant weather of Barcelona. The overall white palette is broken up with interesting features like bespoke shelved walls which divide the spaces without closing them up, walls painted in trendy green and blue hues and a careful selection of exquisite Catalan and Scandinavian furniture.

Luxurious in the finishing, choice of materials and lifestyle, the overall look for these refurbished, serviced apartments, follows a contemporary style where clean lines, interesting geometrical partitions and the recovery of local architectural features, reflect the “local” spirit of the city, a perfect home for those who have a keen eye on interior design and appreciate well-thought, and carefully executed interiorism.



Program: Residential Apartments