Yellow Warbler: A cute little bird known for its migration between the North and South Americas and returning to the same nest during each migration.

Briefing from the client, a well grounded man of simplicity, was to create a convenient pitstop at Kochi between his business base at Dubai and his native village tucked deep in the interiors of India. Listening to him, his manner, his mind and taste repeatedly took me to these words - simple, compact, soft and practical.

Within the constraints of a built and delivered 1500 sft urban apartment (flat), we meticulously strived to blend these elements together in every touch point of its interior, from material to colours, from artifacts to lightings.



Design elements of the flat's interiors follow the conventional proportions to bring out ease of view and openness as best as possible. The defining message of minimalism starts right from the metal art leaf at the entrance and off-white linen Roman blinds at the living room and flows across every element in the flat. Artifacts and paintings are just enough to enrich the milieu with no bold strokes which would have been a mismatch to the owner's personality.

True to its intent, the interiors of this flat is done with common mediums of teak wood, plywood, veneer and laminate. Hard mediums like stone and metals are consciously avoided to stick to the philosophy of the interior.  

Living (guest area), family living and dining areas were un-demarcated in the handedover flat. It was challenging and at the same time fun to create fluid borders between these areas without compromising the feel of spaciousness. While we created a blend of teak-ply partition between guest area and family living area with enough open spans at eye-sight level to provide sufficient privacy, we gone for a more softer demarcation between family living and dining areas with an elegant mix of wall paper and lighting.

Bedrooms are given soft tones to give a feel of relaxation, keeping in mind client's very purpose of having the flat is more as a refueling station than a place of permanent stay. Kitchen is all about compactness and practicality. It has a seamless placement of all essentials from a variety of cooking to washing amenities smartly tucked into the cabinets providing more than enough working space and openness.

Location: Kochi, India
Area: 1500 sft

Smitha CP