"THE SIX ELEMENTS" is a project designed for people who appreciate the very best in life, from magnificent architecture and scrupulous craftsmanship to glorious interiors, this project is created to encapsulate the richness of the most luxurious indoor sport, Chess.

With a new definition added to the skyline of Dubai, this iconic hotel will be built on a 4,09,600 square metres of area which will be constructed on the sea. With an intrepid architectural knack and a pioneering design, the land will comprise of a chessboard structure where one will be able to discover new levels of luxury and comfort. The compilation of the different characters of the chess game, united with meticulous purpose and precision add richness to the hotel.

A bridge offering spectacular views of the infinite sea will connect to the main entrance of the grand property. The transition from the land to the sea and to the unending view of the chessboard with a 306 metres high hotel building in the form of a Chess KING, will itself be quite an experience itself.

The KING will be the Crown of the Island which will feature one of the world's highest infinity pools and the most luxurious 6 Chess Elements themed suites.

A helipad will be constructed at the top of the hotel building, KING, to avail the facility of those who want to approach the hotel by enjoying the aerial view and docks will be provided for cruises which will facilitate people to enter through the sea.

The QUEEN will be the first ever man-made water feature in the world that will be designed as a chess character "THE QUEEN" and is engineered to form an UMBRA at a certain time of the day, (reflecting the actual purpose in the game of providing protection to the King).

The BISHOP will be standing symmetrically next to the King and will be the biggest APS (Automated Parking System) and service buillding.

The ROOKS will be the corner fortress guarding the Crown of the Island, (as they are possitioned in the game).

The KNIGHTS will be the main gate that opens in a staggered pattern in a 2 and 1/2 move of a KNIGHT, (as they move in the game).

The PAWNS will be the Boundary Wall around the Island, (as they are covering the first row in the chess game).

It includes many other different activities which is considered as different moves reflecting the game.



Proposed Technical Data;
The total site area 4,09,600 square metres which will be constructed on the sea, will be accessible through air, road and the sea.

Building - Hotel
Total Height - 306 metres
Number of floors - 51 + Helipad (3 below ground)
Individual floor height - 5 metres
Total number of rooms - 196
Total number of elevator = 10
An infinity lazy pool at 95 metres of height with a slow waterfall.

The proposed water body =15800 square metres and a length of 300 metres.

BISHOPS (APS and service building) will be 170 metres high, right next to the hotel building showcasing a 135 metres high waterfall as a form of respect to the King.

Muhammad Ali Irshad - Chairman
Sidra Irshad - Managing Director
Muhammad Jasim - Design Engineer
Samarth Kumar - Design Engineer