Traffic control center, in Farahabad park is placed in Isfahan southwest. This building follows site topography and is the final point for bent lines in the park. Therefore, we tried to design this building in the way that makes 360 degrees view for us.this building is on the Zagros hillside,and like the eye of the city that verge to the whole site that emphasizes skyline and cyan domes.
Traffic control center is an active building 24 hours a day, and because of its vital usage, needs to be in sustainable shape and resistant structure.



Structure of this building derived from structural dome Submerged in the soil like a YAKHCHAL , and with its shell inspired from Sheikh Lotfollah mosque transformed to a climate plan that has its own identity and while follows its context, it is an index building that can be a symbol for Isfahan.

Mohammad Reza Ghaneei,Ashkan Ghaneei, Maryam Alikhani, Aredesheer Ghaneei,Milad Hamidi