The Shift is a mixed-use tower that is located in Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates.

The tower acts as a vertical city that is defined by five main principles:
1. layers & folds
2. Inside & outside
3. Views & privacy
4. Light & identity
5. Environment & architecture

The folded slabs swing around the floors creating an extraordinary experience of shaded terraces where social interaction & environmental elements are integrated.

It composes of different programmatic components; Cinemas, Bowling Center, Swimming Pool, Apartments, Offices, Community Areas, Retails, Library, Nursery, etc.

Total of 27 offices over 9 floors where they are of 3 types.

Total of 111 over 24 floors where it includes 1-3 bedroom apartments, penthouses & studios.



It covers a total built-up area of 109,655 square meters.

Student: Mariam Al Nashef
Instructor: Nadia Mounajjed


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