Master Architect Feza Ökten Koca has released her latest line of furniture alternatives. Dubbed the ‘Fly Collection’ and manufactured by FEZA, the series features non-linear armchairs, chairs, benches, coffee tables, dressers, and light fixtures that go against the grain of cookie-cutter molds and embrace freedom, simplicity, and individuality.

Master Architect Feza Ökten Koca has unveiled a line of armchairs, chairs, dressers, benches, coffee tables, dressers, and light fixtures. Christened the FLY Collection and produced by FEZA, the series is centered on the themes of transparency and simplicity. The collection’s first showpiece, the FLY Armchair, has been designed to honor wood. The massive material that forms its seat and back sections been are carried by a floating, invisible plexiglas skeleton that is completely detached from the ground.

The chair’s plexiglas arms swoop down and support the whole piece, while sold slabs of wood fold out from either side and serve as coffee table. Likewise, the metal rods holding the plexiglas in place serve the dual purpose carrying a leather newspaper holder.

The remaining pieces in the collection have also been created with freedom, simplicity, and individuality in mind. They each have broken loose from classic molds, clung onto nonlinearity and transparency, set off onto their own journeys from different points of inspiration, and woven their own stories. None of any of these items—the armchair, the chair, the dresser, the bench, the coffee table, the dresser, the light fixture— is in any way dependent upon the other. Each is independent and unique.

In design, the theme of transparency is used to either challenge gravity or to emphasize starkness in assembly. Not only does the FLY Collection break the rules by uniting different materials, but it also does so by bringing lacquer and solid wood into the foreground through its use of acrylic.