These are specially designed for its functions : 1.circular arc and high ceiling An arc-shaped bookcase has been spiraling to the ceiling, the top with an open design to make the space look more spacious and bright. Low-rise bookcases are designed to make visitors who first-time to this space to feel opened, the second floor bookcase covering the toilet to make visual beautification, The highest bookshelf supports the ceiling bookshelf, and make the overall structure more stronger. 2. the Chamber of Secrets Inspired by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the bookcase is designed to be rotated, block a large space into three sites, also has the function of sound insulation. 3.Promote pressureless reading The book is divided into five categories, diet, life, travel, aesthetics and childlike fun, the first four items is the personal hobby of Wang Pin Group Dai Shengyi, he loves to travel, and learns oil painting for many years, joining children's books, in order to encourage adults Read with children, design different tables and chairs in the EP-books, You can pick a book, read in your favorite posture for full day



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EP BOOK - Taichung by HUI HSIN CHENG in Taiwan won the WA Award Cycle 33. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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