Polo has nothing to do with luxury, it is an idea of​​ loving life. Next to Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, there is a dining environment which is elegant and classical but full of sportsmanship at the same time. Polo Cafe leads the same idea into the space. Designer transforms the spirit of polo and combines sportsmanship with European classic taste of interior. People will be amazed by the symbolic art piece of moving orbit when they take the first step on the cafe.In two floors storefront of Polo Cafe, the designer use lots of gold and dark tones in space, such as gold coating metal,wooden and rivet. It creates a low-profile, elegant and fancy place. creating the atmosphere like hotel lobby. The first thing can saw a curved curve echoing the polo round pattern.The second floor ceiling is integrally formed without partitioning,due to the height of the site, the height of the beam is not blocked, and the three-dimensional level is highlighted. Inspired by the shadow of polo rider collocate with the round ring ,the huge installation art hanged above the bar counter present the speed of polo. It also have the meaning about the revolutions of heavenly spheres, which can bring the po sitive energy to Polo Cafe. In order to build to the high end brand image, designer using mass of natural marble and gold coating metal. Floor around the counter used the wooden tiles to makes the sense of warming. When the night coming; horseshoe shaped counter-top would become a lounge Bar, that create the charming vibe.



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POLO CAFÉ by HUI HSIN CHENG in Taiwan won the WA Award Cycle 38. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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