The proposal has come up as a contemporary artistic enclosure that doesn’t just transform its precinct but also the neighbourhood around. It is a physical manifestation of technology along with the cultural aspects of the society in order to project a venue that promotes its culture giving an opportunity to the youth to move ahead with time. The concept revolves around lifting up the user experience by gradually lifting up the public areas which would create layered public spaces from where people can look on to each other and have mutual interactive participation.

Since it is located in the District Centre- II, it is surrounded by residential community. Located adjacent to a 250 acre Community Park, it would come up as a great opportunity for the community to live and possess the modern culture and express their social needs or demands in the form of art.

The project is under public-private partnership category, therefore a retail complex is required in order to generate the revenue. If the retail was kept inside, its built might have dominated the artistic essence of the museums or performance oriented venues making it a commercial reflection. Instead of providing a different retail building or providing it inside the built, the idea was to seamlessly merge the retail within the whole complex and making the centre act as one. Therefore the retail has been provided under the public space as a continuous moving arcade opening up in the piazza.

The retail complex located on the ground floor seems underground as the piazza has been lifted up on the first floor, hence lifting up the public space experience. The entry from the ground floor to the retail opens up in the public piazza above, creating a loop of continuous journey, experiencing every bit of space and opening up under the podium envelope.

The form of the Socio Cultural Centre expresses its value and need in this rapidly growing urban society where it creates a huge impact urbanistically. It has a futuristic flair which pulls the people passing by towards it, giving such a venue an opportunity of appreciation. The infrastructure in the Indian society is rapidly transforming where at this stage there is an urgent need for such venues which expresses its grace and elegance hand in hand with technological advancements so as to set a standard in the infrastructural world and provides great services which adds value in the urban and social realm. The cultural centre with such a futuristic urban fabric in such a prime location not just creates a change within the district centre but also becomes a hub of cultural activities of such a scale within the whole city. It would provide an opportunity to the people residing nearby to adapt such a positive change of benefits, hence improving the quality of living.

This project can be an iconic representation of young and competitive India around the globe projecting its rich and diverse culture, adapting all means of technology showing the potential of this young and new India after 72 years of independence ready to compete with the world in the terms of design and technology.



Location- Plot no- 4B, District Centre- 2, Rohini, New Delhi, India.
Site Area- 10.87 Acre.
Permissible F.A.R.- 1.2
Permissible height- 26m.

Individual Project

Socio Cultural Centre, Rohini by Mohammad Azhar Khan in India won the WA Award Cycle 31. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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