The buildings are placed on the axis of Eskisehir Road, right next to the Halk Bank with a famous silhouette to which they attempt to be a part of.

The main objective of the design of this buildings is to find a place among all these high-rise buildings, to stick in mind, and most importantly, to exist. The most significant result desired to be achieved with this design was to become a high spot within The developing urban fabric and constantly changing urban silhouette.

A building that offers peaceful working environment and that can embrace the responsibility of the company was designed considering these features. The result had a shape that can easily be distinguishable in the zone thanks to its structure. Furthermore, the structure was designed to house an exhibition space where products highlighting history and vision of the company can be exhibited. In This sense, the building became a display window for the company.

A shining sculpture sprouting from the plinth was created with a strong synthesis of design criteria. The building that attributes to the mission and confidence of the company, which is based on experience, was designed as a sculpture that offers a bright and refreshing environment.



Employer: Abdülkadir Özcan A.Ş.
Location: Cankaya / Ankara / Turkey
Construction Site: 25.000,00 sqm

Tümay KORUCUOĞLU - Project Manager / Architect
Ekrem YÜCEL - Architect
Ahmet İlker AKSU - Architect