The project is“WORLD IN A SEED”——The design of a temporary shelter in the holy mountain ,Kangrinboqe.Design theme is “WORLD IN A SEED”,This is a Buddhist monk,It means that in those seemingly small indoor spaces can also accommodate infinite things.The project is located in Kangrinboqe in the Ali area of Tibet.It is a sanctuary for the body and soul designed for the followers of the mountain.

The traditional architecture of Tibet is a typical representative of Tibetan traditional religious culture,It is also an example of the combination of material space and religious culture.Through in-depth analysis of traditional Tibetan architecture and Tibetan religious culture,Summarize the central characteristics of the spatial form of traditional Tibetan architecture and the religious symbolic meaning and connotation of indoor space.Studying the fusion of religious meaning and regional architecture and The embodiment of religious meaning in architectural space,Refined the design ideas of contemporary regional architecture in Tibet.

Through the investigation of the Ali area of Tibet and the Kangrinboqe and the above research.At the same time, combine both The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying etc Tibetan Buddhism Theory Books,The ideas put forward in the book are refined and summarized as the design basis.The design mainly focuses on the shaping of the spirit of "Wuming" and "Kongxing",Through contrasting contrast design in front and back of the interior space.I hope that the experiencer can understand the philosophical meaning of "WORLD IN A SEED."And it reminds people to think about the impetuous mentality,Pursue the original state of "kongxing"



Base area:10400㎡
Project area:2602㎡
Living space:552㎡
Public space:2050㎡
Volume rate:0.25
Building density:19.6%


"WORLD IN A SEED" by Gang Li in China won the WA Award Cycle 29. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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