The project named a house for a teacher is located in western of Iran, 20 Km away from Sarpol-E Zahab and near to the village of Midane –Namak. A deadly earthquake stroke in the city of Sarpole- E Zahab and its surrounding villages in late 2017 and caused 600 people dead. Additionally, bad economic situation and high unemployment rate in western areas of Iran led to a wave of hopelessness and immigration among residences of damaged area. The villages, whose main occupation was agriculture and animal husbandry, in particular, did not have any positive idea when they were asked about the project since the education was not their priority. Majority of them taught that it was not significant to construct such a project because of the fact that they have seen employment of those continued their educations and helplessness of education in acquiring a job. Accordingly, the design team tried to find a way to make the house of teacher more beneficial beyond a classroom and a small space for life. This could help people build up their hope and convince them to stay in the region.
Based on specific climate condition in western parts of Iran, there is a great potential to cultivate medical plants. The ancient tradition of medical plants among Iranian people triggered the concept of making the region a small center for distributing traditional medical plants. As a center for research, educating and cultivation of medical plants in which students and their families can simultaneously acquire needed skills for that purpose. According to this idea definition of spaces and specific functions the house of teacher will have the ability to create entrepreneurship, to absorb the population and to turn to be a nation and international spaces in addition to a place for educating children. It is worth mentioning that the village is near to Iraq’s border. Hence, people will go through exporting their own products as well.



Saeed Partovi - Amirabbas aboutalebi
Design Team:
Hesam Bahrami Kamangar
Nina Ghaslani
Mahdeih Narimani

A House For A Teacher by Saeed Partovi in Iran won the WA Award Cycle 29. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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