The Reed Expo is for increasing the awareness of the reed material and its local products to be international products by gathering the different workshops from different countries in the exhibition area with a market place to sell their products.

The Expo reflects the culture of Idku city and the life experience of the workshops around the lake by adding an artificial and sustainable lake inside the project to connect the different users.

Also, increasing the awareness by weaving all users between the expo and the outdoor activities, so the visitors come for the entertainment activities in different experience by the lake with the reed material around and inside the expo.

The reed plants filter the lake water from sewage by its roots, but it’s not good for fishermen and the reed plants used in crafts for environmental products Furniture + accessories. So the aim is conserving the lake by reusing the reed plants in craft by cutting it in right way to keep its roots and awareness for the craft and the environmental products.

Idku Lake where the most pollution and the reed plants covered 70% and there are a lot of workshops but the problem is the craft is unknown. From the potentials on the site like the natural recourses, sea, palms and the lake with a lot of trees I proposed the entertainment activities to increase the awareness of the reed material for different users and to support the Expo + the Market.

From their culture In Idku city, they use the reed products in outdoor spaces so I wanted to reflect that on the architecture and use the reed as a main element in the project on the outdoor activity also it will help for the awareness visually with the users and making the different experience for the different activities.

I inspired by “the way to make the reed products by weaving the fabric between the reed to merge them” to merge the different activity like the Expo and the Entertainment by weaving the user between them and between the outdoor with the indoor.

I wanted to reflect the experience of the life style of the workshops around the lake. Then I inspired by the reed on the lake and how the reeds can good as structure support and what if the building on the lake between the reeds. So I made an artificial lake to connect the different activities and the reeds became the structure system connecting the overlapped units and connect the indoor activities with the lake.
So it became the reed structure and I used these units in the environmental solutions so they work to bring the maximum natural light and natural ventilation also it work with the lake to make natural cooling system “PDEC system”. These strategies consumed about 90% from the energy.
The artificial lake is sustainable by using the reed plants like in the natural lake to filter the water by using a “reed bed system” to filter the grey water from the building and reuse the water in the irrigation for the landscape.

I inspired from the palms in the context and the idea is merging between the palms and the reed to make the “REED PALM” to increase the awareness by the reusing the reed products.



Designed by Mahmoud Abdelatty as Graduation project for BSc Degree at Arab Academy for Science, Technology.
Supervised by Prof. Ayman Wanas - Arch. Mai Aboul Dahab.

REED-DO by Mahmoud Abdelatty in Egypt won the WA Award Cycle 29. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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