Sensorìa is located in the central area on the island of Lipari, Aeolian islands. It consists of a loft inside the volcanic earth and a exterior house at the upper level.

Inside the Sensorìa House there are a sitting room with a small kitchen and one bedrooms. The design of the summer house is totally integrated in the volcanic landscape and the cubistic architecture of Aeolian islands in a more contemporary twist.



The main material used for the reconstruction of the Sensorìa house is ‘’gunite’’, a mixture of cement, sand, and water applied through a pressure hose, producing a dense hard layer of concrete.

Volcanic stones and white plaster is used for the construction of theinterior and exterior walls. Resin and cement plaster for the floors.

Product Description. Cement plaster used in the interior of the house is a traditional technique that brings out the plasticity of space.

Ezio Giunta

Other participants:
(Arch. Andrea Donegani, Studio Sabatini)

Photo credits: Gaetano di Giovanni