Inhibitor is a tool that is designed in the future when everything is calculatable by our cognitive powers or tools. It is the entity that give freedom to the people where all events that will occur would be all predetermined since technology is so advanced everything would happen would be already happened in the calculations of machines. In that case there would be no freewill. We would be prisoners of our future without any coincidences nor surprises or any kind of unexpected events. Our lives would be as predictable as a red ball being dropped in a vacuum. Everything would happen would happen. To regain our freedom, Inhibitor creates immense chaos to make universe incalculable again.

Today, there is no machine nor mind to fully comprehend the mechanics of the universe yet the institutions we make, (and which makes us), because of their incapable power of predict our movements individually they are making us predictable by their teachings and observation tools. They put us in a container, and we take its shape as if we are liquid. Which makes us predictable, useable and disposable. They want us to move as they want while thinking that we want it that way too. But we are just being manipulated as individuals and as societies. The immense potential we have is being reduced, because of the constructed reality we live in. Which makes us, resources and tools. This container of a constructed reality shapes us makes us and predicts us, there is no knowing is it for our benefit or for the benefit of institutions which makes us.

This container is being constructed by tools of social sciences. It is what we interpret as life, as our society and as our reality. Which may not be our reality at all since we did not construct it. But if we dare to be individuals, if we want to peek out from the container, we shall crack it to see which form we would be taken out of our constructed realm. It is not that the constructed reality is unbeneficial to our societies, it is that it can be manipulated corrupted and harmfully used against us. The tools building this vessel of reality is history, media, art, architecture everything which makes us feel, everything we identify ourselves as "we". But if we dare to search for ‘ego’ than we shall destroy this vessel the institutions put us in. We shall deconstruct the reality. We shall build an engine of chaos which separates uncertainty and doubt in to our minds and our vision of understandable universe. Only than the vessel would crack and for those who have the courage to dare in to new alien reality they would have the power to discover ‘ego’.

‘Inhibitor’ is designed with this philosophy in mind. It is a layer of ‘messed up’ reality and an institution which separates chaos among the knowledge we accept, and we think we hold true. Its duty is to produce false news, historical artifacts, art pieces with the help of a machine-mind which resides in the building that is completely neutral to everything we value, the computer ‘Hretc’. The institution which is in front of the Welt Museum also contrast between what we know and what we doubt. It creates a layer of uncertainty in to our vessel that seems to be perfectly constructed.

Institution, made out of a facility to construct false artifacts, exhibition space for the artworks, artifacts and false news, agents quarters which is hidden in the facility, a news room broadcasting from independent TV or internet sites and the ‘Hretc’ which corrupts the supposedly the “right” knowledge and changes it on the internet and with the help of the agents on the physical realm. With this power what is false can be right, since it is constructed to question the existence of what is true but wrong.



Located in Vienna Heldenplatz

Three thousand square meters

Conseptual Project

Designer: Gönenç Kurpınar

Instructors: Valle Medina — Benjamin Reynolds

TU Wien - Levitation Studio Winter/2019

Inhibitor for Constructed Reality by Gönenç Kurpınar in Austria won the WA Award Cycle 37. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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