Astro tourism dates back several centuries when mankind looked up to the stars, imagined figures and gave them meanings. Monuments were erected and sites were given a special connotation due to the affinity humans made with the universe.

The project has been proposed in order to promote Astro tourism in Bihar, India. Also, in memory of the renowned astronomer and mathematician Aryabhatta.
The project will be an Astro tour circuit which will connect three pit stops with the following facilities :

The Astro tour commences with the Interpretation Centre , enlightening us with the foundation laid by Aryabhatta in various fields along with the glimpse of the journey ahead.

The second destination of the tour shall be Taregana housing the Jantar Mantar. It shall posses astronomical instruments that help us study the celestial bodies ,complimenting it would be the exhibition spaces reflecting the work of Aryabhatta.

The Astro tour shall conclude at “Taregna top” which comprises of an Observatory which shall help people inculcate knowledge about astronomy.

These 3 fragments act as 3 stepping stones .The 3 steps being:

1. Information at the Interpretation Centre,
2. Application leading to the Jantar Mantar and
3. Observations made at the Observatory

Which shall lead a lifelong journey of knowledge and promote Astro tourism.



Interpretation centre-
Reinforced concrete structural system, with the dome covered with GRC cladding.

Jantar Mantar-
The Yantras are made up of various types of Dholpur Sand stone, and the exhibition spaces are housed in cotton steel (Recycled steel), partitions are created by CNC Bison panel jaali.

The basic framework is made up of Mild Steel and glazings systems are equipped with low E-value glasses

Ali Ashger Abbasi
Ashish Talekar
Amarnath Vishwakarma
Anisha More
Parv Sethi