The wave, Entrance of the 60th Film Festival, Venice, Italy

A wave of larch boards supported breaks against the Palazzo del Cinema in the island of Lido in Venice. It impresses a new sign on the venetian scene: a catwalk for the entry of actors and film directors as well as an organised space for photographers. Supported on a serie of steel struts, the wave is a catwalk that keeps the public near and far at the same time.Like the deck of a ship setting sail for a great adventure. The moment of the actors arrival is an explosive and magic one but it last a second as when the wave breaks itself on the beach, leaving a corrugated soil on the threshold between earth and water.



Client: Biennale di Venezia
Managment: Tese s.r.l.

Architects and art directors: C+S Associati, Carlo Cappai, Maria Alessandra Segantini


Marco Zanta