The complex of the four residences is developed along two neighboring oblong plots, situated on the hilltop of «Ano Dassos Haidariou», where V. Tsitsanh street and Papandreou street, meet.
The negative inclination of the sites, along with the level difference at the point where the two streets cross, requires that the entrance to the underground garage should be through Papandreou street. The fact that the plots form an L-shape, as well as the fact that the land lowers intensely allowing for an overwhelming view of the Attiki basin, led the architects to a precise, geometrical composition.
The complex consists of 4 residences that develop in two levels. The main entrances of the residences lie along V. Tsitsani street, and are private. In addition, each of the residences has an individual swimming-pool, placed either on the rooftop terrace or in the residence’s garden.To benefit from the views, all sitting rooms face the two ends of the L-shape.
The intense inclination of the ground dictates the arrangement of the built space. In between the wall panels that organise the building’s volume, openings or light surfaces are created; big windows or narrow slits that frame and capture the views within the interior.
The rooftop terraces of the complex are utilised to provide additional outdoor space to the apartments. Two pergolas are created there, which form part of the buildings shell.