Museum is a place of ‘instructive recreation’. Effective design enables the museums or galleries to communicate with their public & provides a creative, safe and meaningful context in which objects or products can be studied & enjoyed.

The mission of this project is to build one sea side museum – a repertoire of contemporary art which will help build a strong spirit of community & recreational learning environment for everyone. Contemporary art can generate the quality to educate, entertain, inspire & challenge the audience about the contemporary trend of visual art & its creative, intellectual & cultural diverse aspects. It can become an integral part of the community while being a statement of the time through their formal expression & space designing.

In this particular case, the design is inspired from the poetic curves of a shoreline - part wave, part boat & part bird. It would be like a ship anchored at seashore, its rust iron colored body floating over green grass waves. Playful irregular portals will further strengthen the identity of a ship, the experimental forays of contemporary art & create interesting fenestrations.





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