Orange House is a 1050 m² single-house project of three storeys, located in a very steep site. The site has a nice combination of view with METU Forest and city of Ankara. Building has a steel structure. The main principle that shaped the design process is the program, which was given by the land owner at the beginning. The design of the building is achieved via a glass surface that develops an exterior-interior space relation between two autonomous rooms, and an initial diagram concerning a circulation area. Every room has a second layer owing to the advantage given by the steel construction. The design of the other rooms are achieved by following this relationship and are resized and located in their own necessity. For instance, the dimensions of the dining room took reference from the existing Iranian carpet belonging to the family. The owners are integrated to the design and the diagrams are developed together. Different layers are integrated to the initial diagram. For instance, inside surfaces of the double layers are shaped by means of spatial requirements. Through that approach, shaft, niche, door, rainwater pipe, wardrobe has their own spaces in the inside surfaces of the double layers. “The design of relationships” is developed between not only functional programmes, but also between the drawing and the architect, the architect and the owner and the owner and the drawing. The initial diagram became the main accelerator of the building.



project : orange house
status : contract 2006, completion 2008
location : bilkent, ankara, turkey
built area : 1.050 m²
structural engineering : prota
structural system : steel
mechanical engineering : okutan engineering
electrical engineering : ayken engineering
publication : -pimeks group bulletin, september 2007