Kavacik Office Building, which has 6337 sqm total construction area, was shaped through “writing the programme of design” over the program which the client has given. The design was shaped through “the designing of the design act” – that is, re-identfying the relations among the blocks that have different volumes and functions, which were developed through the separation of office building programme. The programme components were grouped as “working areas”, “service”, “circulation”, “shop-carpark”, “cafe”, “special meeting” units, were attached around “working areas unit” and every element were designed by obtaining their presence in terms of their exigency and their integrity. The separation of service spaces, such as circulation and wet areas from the main volume enabled open, transparent and free arrangement of working areas. The separation of service block brought forward a certain flexibility that provided the grouping together of service shafts, the juxtaposition of wet areas and shaping of the volume according to technical requirements. The design sets up the flexible systematic of the way going towards the building. Systematic configuration also provides the architectural characteristics of the building, that is the assembly made of the fragments which are connected through the act of attaching. Furthermore, the building not only moves the intense circulation that the office buildings harbored, but also offers the observer to develop an idea on the building.



project : kavacık office building
status : contract 2007, completion 2009
location : istanbul, turkey
built area : 5.973 m²
structural engineering : aydın pelin - can binzet engineering
structural system : reinforced concrete
mechanical engineering : unlu engineering
electrical engineering : ovacik engineering



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