Cairo as “City of Heritages” is full of historical places and monuments, but looking through these communities appears another hidden communities contains the most valuable resources we can have. Such as Industrial areas, Crafts, traditional, hidden monuments and hidden ability inside the people.
“Along the Journey, You should find your hidden mystery” Paulo Coelho.
A lot of hidden communities we have here in Cairo. Here comes the philosophy, to find a one with valuable activity already exists and connected it with the City by urban modifications.
The project is re-organizing activities for a heritage industrial site. Tanneries generate 500,000 million dollars per year for Egypt. Moreover, in 60’s Egypt was one of the most important countries in leather’s products.
The conceptual master plan planned to connects different spots in the area , where all common to the concept of hidden treasures. In the inner site, My intentions come to have a complete cycle of the industrial phase until it reaches to the market. This requires having designers and a school of design for the leather. In order to conserve the heritage of the site. A historical museum is included where history of (Monuments, water and tanneries) is being told.


My graduation project in 2006 - Cairo University - Architecture Department.

Omnia Khalil

The Hidden Treasures , Tanneries , Old Cairo 2006 by Omnia Khalil in Egypt won the WA Award Cycle 8. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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