The market Committee Office is located in New Fruit and Vegetable Market at Sanaur Road in Patiala. The building provides requisite office accommodation to the administrative staff posted in the market. The tiny building having a covered area of 6200 square feet has been kept primarily single storied. Only the staircase mumty and one verandah for semi-outdoor sitting have been provided at the upper floor. The ground floor accommodates an entrance porch, foyer, some office rooms, a meeting hall besides pantry and toilets.
The building has been designed as a sculpture to work in. it is a pleasant blend of solids and voids, straight lines and curves, angular and curvilinear planes, all creating an interesting chiaroscuro.
The shape of the building has been governed by the peculiar shape of the earmarked plot and its location in the fruit and vegetable market. All the office spaces have been designed to face the main marketing yard for better viewing. Circular verandah at the first floor has been designed as a viewing gallery to have a panoramic view of the market. In a fair weather the marketing staff can sit and work here while keeping an eye on the whole campus.
The entry to the building has been made conspicuous by a sculptural porch which is the hallmark of the design. The plan form has been evolved in a symmetrical manner. The architect believes that symmetry is encountered everywhere – in nature, engineering, arts and science, for example, the symmetry of the butterfly and tree leaf, symmetry of a car and plane, and the symmetry of atomic structure of molecules and crystals. He is of the opinion that strong geometrical and symmetrical plans have more acceptance than asymmetrical plans. This is due to the persistence of such liking as besets the common human mind-set. Architecturally speaking, such plans are less vulnerable to undesired changes suggested or attempted by some clients at later stages.