The purpose of this project, displayed in Grains disere earth festival, was to display the potencies of wood and raw earth and show how we can combine a material considered heavy (earth) with a light material (wood) in construction.
A raw earth facade shows a progression in transparency, while a wood facade shows a progression in light. In between the two facades wooden frames are filled with different earth mixes displaying a variety of textures and degrees of transparency, and create different qualities of spaces to be explored by visitors of the annual Grains disere exhibition.



Modules of 3m X 3m X 2m50
Area: 50m²
Materials: local wood from North of Isere (France) and clay from site

Emilie Biboud, Gaëlle Bois-Soulier, Héba Elkalyoubi, Tina Lévesques Cahill, Anick Thibeault

Manifesto Housing by Heba Elkalyoubi in France won the WA Award Cycle 7. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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