Architect: Sarbjit Singh Bahga, Chandigarh

This three-storied office building is a landmark in the otherwise architecturally backward town of Faridkot. The enduring visual character of the building in monochromatic grey is in consonance with the healthy agricultural ambience of the state.

Internally, the building is designed with emphasis on utility. The entire scope of work has been so divided as to facilitate the vertical stacking of similar areas. In order to achieve functional efficiency, the plan is divided into three distinct zones, the contiguous character of the building notwithstanding. The main entry to the building is through an extended porch with low-height walk-in corridor. It acts as transitional space between outdoor and indoor spaces.
Efforts have been made to protect the interiors from the harsh summer heat. The building is oriented north-south, with predominantly dead façades on its east and west to keep off the unwanted glare. Windows are deep-recessed.

The building-form has been evolved to take advantage of mutual shading. All the reinforced-concrete slabs project from the external wall-surfaces, and create interesting shadow-patterns, which together with chamfered corners lend the building a distinct identity of its own.