Architect: Sarbjit Singh Bahga, Chandigarh

This is perhaps the smallest yet elegant office building designed by the architect. It is located on a small plot measuring 32 feet by 80 feet falling in a row of haphazardly constructed grain shops.

The three-storied modern building has been placed at a set back of about three metres from the front boundary. It helps in bringing out the structure in a pleasant contrast to a chaotic street picture. A simple and modernist façade in machine-made-brick-tile cladding and concrete louvers finished with madrasi-dana, enhances its visual appeal.
The fenestrations are well protected from the vagaries of weather by roof overhangs together with a combination of horizontal and vertical concrete louvers in the form of trellis work. Adequate light and ventilation has been provided to the central service core through duct, stairwell, and skylight. The building-form with its bold, minimalist, and unified external expression, looks gigantic and monumental in spite of its small scale.