Architect: Sarbjit Singh Bahga, Chandigarh

The building is an ideal model of humane architecture which the quasi-urban areas of the country need. It reflects the Kahnian order in the organization of various spaces and juxtaposition of architectural features. The spacious arrangement is aimed at to bring in functional clarity, efficiency and cheerfulness.

It is designed around a triangular court. A singly loaded corridor runs all around this court and provides access to various offices. The court serves multifarious functions. It facilitates cross-ventilation in the building, reduces the noise level in the circulation areas and adds to the visual spaciousness of the building. The shape, size and scale of the court have been carefully decided to lend the building an individuality and distinct identity of its own.

The building is entered through a semi-detached circular hall. Half portion of this hall is double height, which accommodates staircase. The curvilinear planes together with consciously drawn natural light add to the grandeur of the entrance hall.

All the circulation areas are designed as semi-enclosed spaces to protect them from inhumane suffocation. Concrete Jaalis at the turning points in the corridor not only facilitate breathing but also help in maintaining liaison with the nature outside.